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High Candela (HC) Light Head

    18650: 71,000 Candela/1100 Lumens/150 minutes
    18350: 63,000 Candela/950 Lumens/50 minutes

Introducing the Next-Generation REIN! When you guys talk to us, we listen. And then we get to work. The new REIN has some truly impressive features, all driven by your feedback:

    Reduced bezel diameter by 15% (same size as the other guys now)
    Reduced length by 6% (shorter than the other guys now)
    Reduced weight by 14% (lighter than the other guys now)
    Proprietary military-grade (MIL-PRF-13830B) optical lens coating producing a now-optimized 5200k light temperature.
    Reduced mounting lug height (sits tighter to your rail)
    Updated Remote Switch per user request


REIN 2.0 Black Full Size


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