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The Forward Controls EPC (Ejection Port Cover) is based on TDP dimensions with thoughtful Forward Control touches. It is billet machined from 7075 aluminum for strength and hard coat Type III anodized for durability and a long service life. This EPC has two "tabs" flanking the cutout for the port cover spring.  The twin tabs allow the EPC to rest on the upper at a greater angle when it's in the down/open position, which provides more space between the port cover and lower receiver. Their job is to better allow the user's finger to get underneath the port cover when he wishes to swing it up/close. It boasts a shallow circular depression on the side of the EPC to provide texture tactile feedback to the user's finger when he's closing the EPC. The Forward Controls EPC is incompatible with BCM's Mk2, Aero M4E1 and Centurion Arms CM4 upper receivers.

Forward Controls Design Billet AR-15 Dust Cover - Single Dimple - Tan

    • 7075 aluminum
    • Type III harcoat anodized
    • Two tabs
    • Dimpled
    • Larger lower paddle
    • Standard upper paddle

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