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The NEW SMARTMAG® R6 is a milestone of innovation. It is a “Smart-Mag”

The R6´s SMART-Follower locks the bolt open when one round is left in the mag. For competition shooting this will result in a much faster and motion efficient emergency reload. The fact that one round remains chambered even when emergency reloading, has obvious safety advantages for home defense, military & LE applications.

WHENEVER you have a bolt lock, you will have one round left. Then,

Drop Bolt on the last round in your mag.
Drop the now-empty mag.
Find and insert a new mag.

The round from the empty mag is already chambered so you can immediately return fire when needed.

Magazine feedback

Another advantage, and the reason it has been called a “SMARTMAG”, is the active feedback the weapon gives you when you hit the bolt release. If you hear the snap of the bolt drop, you now know that it was the last round being chambered. If, on the other hand, you do not get any sound-feedback from the bolt, then it can only be a malfunction and not a bolt lock. When this occurs, your hand will be at the bolt release/bolt stop. Right where you need it to be in order to take care of the problem. Meaning, with SMARTMAGs you will able to start problem solving faster, without having to visually identify why the stoppage has occurred.

One to keep you safe

Tac-reloading is still the preferred reload, but should you ever experience the dead mans stop, just Drop the bolt, Drop the empty mag, Insert a fresh one and return fire. And should someone feel the urge to rush you in that moment, don’t worry. They might think you’re out, but you’re not. You are never out of rounds and you can always defend yourself, your loved ones or your team members with your primary weapon.

Advantages gained, No functionality lost

Worried about unlearning the old emergency reload? Don’t be. Even if you get it wrong one out of ten times, the magazine will still work and function exactly as your mag does today. So should you drop your mag too soon, the bolt is still open and waiting for that new mag. Then insert and drop the bolt like you use to. So the retraining can be an ongoing process without loss of status quo functionality. You can start using the R6 SMARTMAG tomorrow.


As long as you follow the 4 primary rules for gun safety, a SMARTMAG will not compromise safety. See Q&A here, for more info on gun safety.

Magazine Features:

• Bullet Stack compensating curve geometri
• Extreme environment Polymers
• Self-lubricating SMART-Follower® with curve compensation geometri
• Drop-free capabilities

SMARTMAG concept advantages:

• Increased Safety
• Faster Emergency Reload
• Problem solving feedback
• Simpler weapon manipulation in general


Starting out with such an innovative idea as the SMART-Follower®, bringing innovation, tactical advantages and performance into every standard issue alloy magazine, the SMARTMAG® had to reach higher. So the R6 is not just your everyday range time magazine. It is an extremely durable special operations magazine and has been subject to more than two years of test & evaluation. We have pushed magazine design to a whole new level to deliver a product that matches up the highest expectations of the end user who demands the best gear. The end user that leaves no room for error.

The internal geometry has been designed according to the curve formed by 15 rounds of AR-15 bullets stacked on top of each other which will ultimately form a circle if you keep stacking them. This geometry ensures a smooth glide of the bullets as they are forced upward inside the magazine by the magazine spring.

The Main Mag Spring MS15.5.26 is made to our exact specifications. The spring is designed specifically for the R6 SMARTMAG®. This ensures again the smooth feed of bullets and steady movement of the SMART-Follower®

The SMART-Follower® holds self-lubricating and anti-tilt dimensional properties as well as curve-compensation, which ensures that the follower levels out inside the magazine as the first bullet is inserted into the magazine. Hereby the follower will not scrape the inside of the mag as the bullets are dispensed and the magazine is emptied.

Before the magazine is emptied the SMART-Follower® technology will trip the Bolt Lock when one round is still in the magazine. Which you can then chamber before you drop the mag and find your fresh magazine. Hereby not leaving you vulnerable as you are stressing to find and insert your new magazine. The SMARTMAG® technology gives you a much safer and faster Speed Reload as one round is chambered throughout the reload and the range of motion is limited to a minimum.

The outer geometry of the SMARTMAG® has drop-free properties according to Colt Mag Well standards and a reinforced structure matrix. The structure gives the magazine its impressive structural strength and makes the lightweight properties possible.
Additional Information
Weight     0.2 kg
Dimensions     24 x 7.5 x 3.3 cm


SKU: SMAG556001

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