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The Micro Carry Comp was developed to provide concealed carry gun owners with enhanced recoil mitigation and muzzle control without unnecessary weight and bulk.  Adding only a few tenths of an inch in length beyond a typical thread protector the patent pending Micro Carry Comp provides brute strength and gas direction with its close dimensioned 17-4SS ported baffle face.  Significantly reducing recoil increases split times between shots while decreasing group sizes.   Its minimal size and weight ensure that the Micro Carry Comp will not significantly print on concealed carry clothing like other comps or burden the end user with unnecessary weight.  Wrench flats provide easy gripping surface to torque the device into place and ensure it stays put even for long training weekends on the flat range.  At  $64.95 the Micro Carry Comp is a value and an impressive performance add on for your favorite carry piece.  The Micro Carry Comp ( MC²) provides low signature, optimal holster compatibility and good muzzle brake performance in a miniature and lightweight package which has near zero perceived effect on the handling and storage of the firearm. Improve your defense today.  Stay aware, stay safe and remember only hits count!

Micro Carry Comp 13.5x1LH

Out of Stock
    • 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • Compatible with any threaded barrel in 13.5x1m Left Hand
    • Patent Pending Design
    • Black Nitride finish resists surface wear & corrosion while providing increased surface hardness
    • Decreases recoil, increases muzzle control and provides fast follow up shots!
    • Wrench flats for easy installation
    • Torqued to 8ft/lbs

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