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The buffer retainer is one of those components that absolutely no one thinks about once it's installed. The little nub might help you time a buffer tube, but mostly it just keeps your buffer and buffer spring seated in your buffer tube when you open your receivers. This humble component can cause big problems should it break, sending the small nub that once retained your buffer to wreak havoc in your trigger group. To prevent this, Forward Controls Design offers the Reinforced Buffer Retainer.

Forward Controls Design Reinforced Buffer Retainer

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    • 17-4 PH stainless steel bar stock
    • Heat treated to H900 hardness
    • 10% larger reinforced tip
    • Does not require timing
    • Visually distinctive light bronze temper

    While rare, having the buffer retainer break and find its way into your trigger can be a stage ending catastrophe in competition or worse in a life or death situation. The Reinforced Buffer Retainer was carefully designed and to significantly reduce the chance of that failure occurring! The RBF's reinforced tip is a full 10% larger than MIL-SPEC calls for, allowing for a significant increase in strength without causing fitment issues with receiver extensions. The RBF also does not need to be timing, making installation a fast and easy affair. Precision cut on Swiss CNC machines from high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel and heat treated for extra strength, the RBF is cheap insurance against a potentially game-ending failure.

    Forward Controls Design firmly believes in the elegance of simplicity. Not content to produce purely aesthetic components, they put function before form to create parts and accessories that actually improve the handling and function of your firearms. When you need parts that just work without complication, you need Forward Controls Design.

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