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There a thousand and one variables to worry about when you are out working on your AR or busy prepping for a tactical competition, or simple just looking to streamline your firearm. The addition of electrical components to firearms is becoming a common place and growing in popularity, especially when it comes to night vision. But with electronics comes cables and not only does cables hanging from a rifle look cheap but they pose a threat of getting snagged during fire or while moving.

Forward Controls Designs Panel Cable Management (PCM) has here to reduce that risk and offers a more efficient, cleaner looking way of tidying up the cables on your rifle.

Forward Controls Design Panel Cable Management - 1 M-LOK Slot

Out of Stock
    • Width is 0.600"
    • Thickness is 0.125"
    • Length for the long version is 4.7" (3 MLOK slits)
    • Weight for the long version is .48 oz per panel
    • 416 stainless nuts
    • Torque value of 17 in/lb.
    • Requires a 3/32 Allen key that is not included

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