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The Forward Control Design Optics Platform is a custom modification to your Glock pistol for the use of Trijicon RMRcc optics. These Glock compatible mounting plates are designed to fully support the optic in the front and rear with threaded posts that connect with the sight-to-mount screws, ensuring minimal sight movement. There is an overhang of the RMRcc sight since it is longer than the Glock MOS cut. The bottom of the RMRcc sits almost flush with the top of the slide when used with the Trijicon sealing plate and Forward Control Design mounting plate. The FCD Optics Platform mounting plate is constructed from 1018 steel with a black nitride finish making it solid and durable. The use of this mounting plate creates a small gap around 0.005 between the sealer plate and the top of the slide. The Forward Control Design Optics Platform for Glock is designed specifically for Trijicon RMRcc optics making it a great addition for any Glock owner looking to add one to their pistol. 

Forward Controls Design Mounting Plate For GLOCK 43X/48 MOS - RMRcc

SKU: OPF-G43x-48-RMRcc
Out of Stock
    • Fits Glock G43x MOS and G48 MOS
    • Manufactured by Forward Control Design
    • 1018 steel
    • Compatible with Trijicon RMRcc
    • Weighs 0.75 oz.
    • Plate to slide torque value: 12 to 15in/lb
    • Sight to plate torque value: 18in/lb

    The Glock optics plates are shipped with two plate-to-slide screws (M4-0.7mm x 8mm), two sight-to-plate screws (T10 5-40 x 1/4), VC-3 Packet, T10 wrench, and T20 wrench.

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