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The Forward Control Design Optics Platform is a custom modification to your Glock pistol for the use of Trijicon RMR and SRO optics. These Glock compatible mounting plates are designed to fully support the optic in the front and rear with recoil lugs/fences ensuring minimal movement of the sight. The Forward Control Design mounting plate eliminates the need to use an additional sealer plate when mounting an optic. They are specifically designed and crafted for the correct length, sight to plate and plate to slide screws. The FCD Optics Platform mounting plate is constructed from machined steel making it strong and durable. The use of this plate does not change the thickness from the Glock MOS plate, the optic’s mounting height remains the same and you will not have to get new iron sights. The Forward Control Design Optics Platform for Glock is designed specifically for Trijicon RMR and SRO optics since they share the same footprint making it a great addition for any Glock owner looking to add either one of those optics to their pistol. 

Forward Controls Design Mounting Plate for GLOCK 17/19 MOS - RMR/SRO

Out of Stock
  • Fits:

    • Glock Gen 4/5 G17, G19, G34, G35, G41 (width 25mm/1 inch), G40 with Set 2


    • Manufactured by Forward Control Design
    • Machined steel
    • Compatible with Trijicon RMR and SRO optics
    • Weighs .83oz
    • Plate to slide torque value: 13 to 15in/lb
    • Sight to plate torque value: 13in/lb

    The Glock optics plates are shipped with plate to slide screws (M3-0.5mm x 6mm, same as what Glock MOS plates uses) and sight to plate screws (6/32 x 3/8), a T10 key and a VC3 packet.

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