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Forward Controls Design's Joint Muzzle device Wrench takes the complexity out of changing out AR-15 muzzle devices. Billet machined from 4140, the JMW is a double sided muzzle wrench that has a 3/4 wrench with a 0.23 thickness that works with the standard A2 compensator, and on the other end has another 3/4 wrench  with a 0.20 thickness. The slightly thinner end is designed to interface with a multitude of different muzzle devices.

Fits: Dead Air's Keymo, Key Micro suppressor mounts, and Surefire suppressor mounts.

Forward Controls Design Joint Muzzle Device Wrench

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    • Machined from a billet of 4140 steel
    • 3/4 wrench end with .23" thickness
    • 3/4 wrench end with .20" thickness
    • Compatible with a wide variety of muzzle devices

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