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The Forward Controls Design Gas Tube Pin Tool solves the problem inherent with installing a new gas tube pin on a low profile gas block. That problem is because gas blocks don't have any flat surfaces on them, you have to simultaneously hold the block stead, hold the pin stead, and tap the pin into place. The GPT simplifies this process by fitting over the gas block and retaining the pin, so that all you have to do is tap it in. The GPT works with most gas blocks, including: Modern Armory, Forward Controls Gas Block, BCM, Rainier, VLTOR, Knight's Armament, Badger Ordnance, Daniel Defense, SLR, and other blocks built to the original Crane Mk12 specification.

Forward Controls Design Gas Tube Pin Tool

Out of Stock
    • MAX gas block length: 1.00
    • MAX gas block height: 1.35

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