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The ASF 90 is one important little improvement to the shooting experience and Forward Controls has built this safety selector with them in mind. From its very inception the ASF 90 degree throw lever was designed and built to be a defense/duty/combat selector. The lever to center interface is unbelievable strong and built with shear strength at a simply amazing 800 pounds. Built from billet machined in 8620, the spring steel roll pin holds the lever and pin itself in place. As with a lot of levers of this kind wobble is a traditional aspect of the lever itself, but Forward Controls Design was all over that, designing the ASF90Q with truly remarkable tolerances of +0.001/-0.00.

Forward Controls Design Ambidextrous Safety Selector - 90 Degree - Quick Levers

Out of Stock
    • Ambidextrous 
    • For Select Fire AR-15/10
    • Black Nitrided
    • Billet machined in 8620, heat treated and black nitrided.

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