B & T APC9

The APC9 (Advanced Police Carbine) is a revolutionary semi-automatic carbine made in Switzerland.

It has ergonomics and equipment never met together on a weapon of this type. The control elements are completely ambidextrous (safety, loader pusher and ambidextrous cylinder head stopper, and reversible cocking lever). Precision is excellent thanks to the cold-hammered floating gun. This gun is fixed in relation to the aiming system. The relaxation system is that of the slightly modified AR15. A hydraulic buffer limits the raising and the retreat to its simplest expression. The bolt stays behind on the last shot. The headbox acts as a floating handguard: it is equipped with a picatinny rail on top and bottom machined in the mass and 2 lateral removable polymer picatinny rails. The handlebar and the eyecup fold into the upper picatinny rail. The weapon can receive MP5 sound moderators. Disassembly is very simple and very fast. The distance of use is 100m (The weapon is particularly adapted to the stand 25 and 50m which do not necessarily allow the use of weapons of the shoulders except if these pull ammunition of handguns)

It is delivered with a very complete equipment (see below).

Main Features :

    Caliber: 9x19
    175mm (approx. 7 ") cold hammered barrel with 3 locking studs for sound moderator (MP5 standard)
    Canon with QPQ treatment (double nitriding providing outstanding resistance to corrosion and wear)
    Reversible cocking lever.
    Charger plunger and ambidextrous cylinder head stopper (both operate with the index finger)
    Machined cylinder head made of anodized aerospace alloy.
    Floating picatinny handguard integrated into the receiver.
    Relaxation system of the AR15 which opens the door to the realization of custom with very light starts.
    Hydraulic cylinder head damper from aeronautics: it reduces the lift dramatically.
    Eyecup and folding handlebars.
    Translucent polycarbonate chargers (compatible with TP9 / MP9)
    Weight 2.5 kg with the Aimpoint sight.
    Butt length folded: 605mm
    Made in Switzerland.
    Classification: B2 category.
    Note: following the new regulations, this model is now equipped with a fixed butt to exceed the length of 60cm minimum imposed for long guns.

Delivered with:

    Aimpoint Micro-TL viewfinder (OEM variant of the Micro-T1) equipped with B & T lever mount
    one point
    2 magazines of 30 shots
    1 loader of 15 shots
    1 quick release B & T front handle
    a briefcase and a cleaning kit.

The Firearm is required to be delivered to an authorized dealer for presentation of the buyers FFL License, for authorized transfer of the firearm.


SKU: BT-36001