The 2A Armament Full Mass Carrier (FMC) was designed as a high-quality, full mass bolt carrier group, with an emphasis on enhanced weight distribution. By relocating the bulk of carrier mass to the tail, the FMC keeps the firearm in a more balanced state. Weight that would normally be over the magazine well is now over the pistol grip on an AR-15 rifle when at rest. The distribution of weight is further utilized during the firing cycle as the FMC reciprocates along the plane located within the pocket of the shooters shoulder and primary support hand, instead of out in front between the magazine well, and primary support hand.  The FMC can give the shooter an extremely reliable full mass bolt carrier group, with a weight distribution advantage over standard carriers on the market.

    Carrier: 8620 steel, heat treated, QPQ Nitride
    Bolt:  9310 steel, heat treated, MP, Cryo'd, QPQ Nitride
    Rear body:  303 Stainless steel
    Extractor: machined, heat treated, QPQ Nitride
    Carrier key: machined, heat treated, QPQ Nitride, staked screws
    Weight: 11.0 oz assembled
    Product of the great state of Idaho, MADE IN THE U.S.A

NOTE:  Does not support the use of forward assist.  Is compatible with full auto systems.

COMPATIBILITY NOTICE:  Some 3rd party skeletonized upper receivers have the bore surface compromised that the bolt carrier slides on.  2A Armament does not recommend the use of these upper receivers due to a non-continuous slide surface that can cause binding and cycling related issues.  2A Armament cannot guarantee flawless fit and function in a 3rd party skeletonized upper receiver.


AR15 Lightweight Bolt Carrier

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$350.55Sale Price